Blocked Drainage Plumber

Is your drain blocked? having bad smells or a terrible gurgle sound when you flush the toilet? We are equiped to assess, determine and clear any block you may have. We are also equiped with cameras to see what may be causing the block, like roots, and to locate the issues for further repairs.

We operate operate in Mandurah, Peel area and its surrounding regions, Harvey, Collie and Perth CBD.

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Drainage Plumber

Thinking of building a new house, extension or just a small renovation? We can provide solutions and drainage installations to suit any job small or big. We have wide experience with the new housing and commercial space industry. We have worked for many builders and owner builders in the past and present, supplying quality drainage work to each and every job we step on.

We can also provide sewer conversions to take your house from septic tanks to the new authority point provided to you by the Watercorp. Do not hesitate to call with any issues you may have towards drainage and sewer conversions as we have you covered!

What are the Signs of a Blocked Drain?

  • Water starts overflowing from a sink drain
  • Water gets accumulated around shower drains
  • Water drains out slowly through the drain
  • Pools of water collected near a bathtub or a sink
  • Kitchen sink area starts smelling foul due to rotten food build-up.

Preventing Blockage in Drain

  • Refrain from disposing off the grease into your kitchen sink
  • In your shower area, always use a drain screen to catch hair
  • Take care not to throw wastes including vegetable peels, eggshells or other materials into the sink drain.

What to Do If You Need Emergency Plumbing?

If you are having a blockage in one drain that is threatening water overflow, close the shutoff valve linked with that fixture before seeking professional help. In case there is a major water leak, you must immediately locate and close the main shutoff valve in your residence. If you are not confident to handle it yourself, give a call to your nearest SCG Plumbing & Gas immediately. We are ready to offer you our excellent service for all your emergency drain and plumbing issues.


Just Some of Our Satisfied Customers

“Very good to deal with and does a great job. Easy to talk to. quotes and does the job in a timely fashion. Thanks again.”

Chris M

Chris M

“We had SCG Plumbing & Gas out for renovations in our bathrooms. Absolutely fantastic very professional friendly clean and tidy and was very reasonably priced. Highly recommend you don’t need to bother looking elsewhere.”

Natasha R

Natasha R

“Scott is very friendly and professional. His pricing is really reasonable against other quotes leaving your house in very clean after his work is done. I have no hesitation in recommending him for your plumbing needs.”

Yvonne P

Yvonne P

“Highly recommend SCG Plumbing & Gas Very professional friendly clean, tidy and was reasonably priced. Need any work done SCG are your guys.”

Tia L

Tia L

SCG Plumbing & Gas – An Emergency Blocked Drainage Plumber

SCG Plumbing & Gas is your most reliable blocked drainage plumber in Mandurah region offering emergency services for your drainage and plumbing concerns with guaranteed high-quality workmanship.

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